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Welcome to
We connect SimRacers and Communitys. offers you great features to connect to other SimRacers aswell as to find Championships and Communitys and simply participate in Events. Start your SimRacing Experiance with WorldSimRacing today and get your License which is compatible with Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, rFactor 2 and Raceroom Racing Experiance. We wich you a lot of Fun and some realy fair and exiting Races.

Our Service will cost you about 3,00 € per month, after your free month ends.

Features for Drivers


  • 24/7 Racing and Practice Server with influence on your Rating
  • Cross Simulation License and Saftyranking-System (AC, ACC, RF2, R3E)
  • Hotlap Ranking
  • Host a Server for Practice
  • Nice and Helpfull Statisics
  • Connect to Friends and find out what they are racing
  • Live weather (All Sims which allow weather settings)

Cross Simulation - Rating und License System

Join other SimRacers and sign up for our free to use 24/7 Racing Servers or join into a Community Race of one of our Communitys to improve your License or Ranking. You will start as a Rookie and jou have to participate on practice or race sessions to become a professional. The best thing is: You can Race on any containing Simulation you want.


24/7 Racing Server

There will be 24/7 Racing and Practice Server for every Simulation. You can join them over our Web-Interface and see how else would to join you on our Server. Your Rating would be improved for every clean Session you join or will be decrese if you have no clean Session.

Rankings, Statistics and a lot more!

Every Server with Service would influence your Statistics. There are a lot of information which are shared with everbody at WorldSimRacing. Every valid Lap would be written into our Hotlap-System. You will see your own Statistics in another way.


Find Communitys and Friends

WorldSimRacing will show you participating communities in your feed. So you can join their Races or Events easily without signup into a new Forum. WorldSimRacing has it´s own small Social Network. So you will be able to add your Friends and see where they will participate.

Features for Communitys / Teams / Clubs

  • API-Interface access to all Driver-Stats, Licenses and more.
  • Create Championships & Events
  • Host Race-Servers
  • Server-Plugin / Software to use own Servers
  • Live-Timing & Live-Stream-Overlays
  • Live Race Control-Panel
  • Advertising Platform for your Community

Join our System with your Community. We offer a lot of usefull Software and Plugins. Also we offer a simple Useable API to include all Results, Statistics, Livetimings, Overlays and other cool Stuff to your Webseite. Feel free to ask us.

Create Championships & Events

At WorldSimRacing you will be able to create Championships, Events or simple Cups for Drivers around the globe. With our Software and Plugins your Servers will be able to automaticaly create Servers and Sessions with every single Driver.


Advertising Platform offers you a brand new Advertising Platform to present your Community. Drivers can find our Events & Championship in a detailed Information System and can join them easily. No need for complex signups or searching in forums to join the wanted event. Simple onclick Signups.

Live-Timing & Streaming Overlays

We offer you a lot of special Content for Drivers, Fans and Streamer. For Example our Live-Timing for each Server. You will be able to add a complete Live-Timing to your Webpage or to add a new Web-based Overlay to your Broadcasting Software.


How to be Partner

Just ask us! You can write a eMail to or join our Discord Server to get in Touch with our Admin-Team. They will help you to join as Community to our System.


Partner & Sponsors